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Friday, 26 July 2013

Planning a Badass Bachelorette!

               So it's your job to plan a Bachelorette Party and you want to go down in the books as "The Best Maid of Honour Ever," only problem is, you don't know where to start. I'll give you an inside scoop to planning an outrageously memorable night with special touches the average planner might not think of!

            Did someone say Scavenger Hunt? I'm sure in your youth you've had to complete tasks for a scavenger hunt, at a birthday, at camp, where ever it was, you recall it being pretty fun. Doing a scavenger hunt at your Bachelorette is a great way to avoid endless planning, completing the tasks on the list usually takes the entire night to finish. You can keep tasks as PG-13 or Rated R as you wish depending on the Bride. Include places tasks must be completed at for example "Have the Bride get a Sharpie Tattoo from a Stripper," or "Get a Lap Dance" this requires the group to visit a nearby strip club. Another involves a trip to the Casino "Marriage is a Gamble, Test Your Luck at the Casino." Here's an example of a Scavenger Hunt List, printed, laminated and on lanyards. 
With these Checklists, your bachelorette activities are totally planned! All that's left is to pick a location, book a hotel room and chill the champagne. 

Another great touch is a DIY "Hangover Kit" for the bride. Include items like: 
Pepto (to settle the stomach)
Advil (to rid the headache)
Crackers (to absorb the alcohol)
Hair Elastics (to hold her hair back)
Breath Mints (for the morning)
Gatorade (restore electrolytes a hangover helper)
Adding a Barbie with smudged make up and uncontrollably teased hair is a nice touch!
More ideas like these can be found on Pinterest, Check them out HERE!

One last awesome idea is to take BEFORE and AFTER shots of all of your girls. This makes for a creative photo collage recounting the nights success, let's be real, the drunk post game shots are going to be pretty funny.

That's it! You're all set for an incredible night making memories that will last a lifetime... the ones you remember anyway. 

Good luck Planning and Enjoy!

Love Always xo


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

#TRENDING: Some Tips & Trends for a 'Pinterest Perfect' Bridal Event!

Once you've been to a couple bridal showers, baby showers or engagement parties it feels like you been to them all. Here's some tips and tricks to make your special occasion stand out from the rest. It's the unique, creative touches that will separate your event from the others. Here's a couple tips how:

1. Tissue Pom Poms: These Decorative Pieces are Trending Again and replacing traditional ways of decorating with balloons and streamers. Easy to make these Tissue Paper Balls are not only cost effective and gorgeous, they can dress up a room in minutes. Martha Stewart charges $29.99 CAD for a package at Michaels, however they can be made for under $5.00 with supplies from the dollar store. Follow this link for a DIY video DIY Party Poms on YouTube or find them on Etsy here for $9.99 CAD Buy Party Poms Here!
2. Candy Bar:  From Miss to Mrs. Hug and Kisses, a Bride So Sweet Deserves a Treat! Who doesn't love a table full of candy? A Candy Bar is a unique and creative touch to a regular shower or party. It's easy and cost effective to execute. Simply purchase glass vases and jars from the dollar store, visit a bulk candy store for loose candy. Order or bake some cupcakes and you have a table full of sweets, another activity to do at the shower-- after lunch, coffee & tea, guests can visit the candy bar for dessert!   Adding a punch dispenser and 50's Soda Pop straws are a nice touch too. Find them here on Etsy Click Here for Bride & Co. Soda Pop Straws
3. Personalized Instagram Hashtag: A Modern Unique Touch that Allows Guests to Share Photos all in the Same Spot. Instagram has 80 million users and chances are a lot of your friends make up some of that 80 million. By using a personalized hashtag like #haleysshower2013 guests can capture and share their experiences at the shower allowing others to share in their fun as well, commenting and liking every photo along the way. When the bride recounts her special day she can relive it through the eyes of her friends. Place an image like the one below in a frame to let guests know.
4. Customized Water Bottle Labels: Dress up Boring Old Water Bottles with Customized Labels naming the Bride's Name and Date of her Shower. It's a personalized touch, guests are sure to remember. You can design them yourself using Microsoft Word, or if you're design savvy Photoshop, you can also find digital files on Etsy. Keep in mind this requires you to get the labels printed and cut yourself. Find labels that are customized, designed and cut for you on Etsy at Sandy's Signatures. Check Out Customized Water Bottle Labels Here

5. Guestbook: So You Have a Guestbook for Signing at a Wedding to Remind the Bride and Groom of Who Shared their Special Day, Why Not have Something Similar for the Bride at Her Shower? A new trend is using guests thumbprints and paint, there's a free downloadable template at Wedding Chicks like the one below: Bicycle Thumbprint Guestbook. A Wishing Tree is a one of a kind way to show the Bride her guests care by having them leave "marriage advice" on cards and tie them to the tree with a ribbon. Free downloadable tags and a sign can be found on Pinterest at Free Wishing Tree Tags & Free Wishing Tree Sign.

Follow these Tips & Tricks for a "Pinterest Perfect" event that that will keep guests asking who your party planner is! Take all of the credit, your secrets are safe with me. 

Goodluck and Enjoy!

Love Always,


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