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Tuesday, 11 November 2014


How to Plan The PERFECT Victoria's Secret Inspired
Bridal or Lingerie Shower at Home

Victoria's Secret themed showers are becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so! What bride doesn't love Victoria's Secret? What better theme for a Lingerie Shower, than the most iconic lingerie brand in the world. This blog post will ignite your creative side and walk you through how to plan a complete Victoria's Secret Themed Party.

We'll start with table decorating:

 Purchase light pink and dark pink table clothes from the dollar store (I like the heavy duty vinyl ones). Lay the light pink table cloths down to cover the table. Next unfold and lay the dark pink table cloths on the floor flat, cut the table cloth in three even strips. Fold each strip vertically, hiding the seam underneath, attach to the light pink table with double sided table.